Even though Luis is one of our newer members, he has been consistent since day one! Your passion and commitment is contagious! Thank you for inspiring people in and out of the gym!!

Here’s his story:
Well I started Crossfit in January of this year because I was 230 pounds out of shape, always out of breath and was not feeling good about myself. My cousin Sonaly that has been doing Crossfit for two years, told me about it and I gave it a chance…greatest decision I’ve ever made. It’s May and I’m down to 189 pounds, 4 pounds shy of my goal when I first started it. I love the fact that the coaches and members all help me out in their own way and give me great advice because I didn’t know anything about dieting or exercising. So I want to thank every one of you guys for helping me get to where I am now because without you guys, I wouldn’t be here. I’m far from where I started but far from where I want to be.

My goal for this year is to be able to RX all the WOD’S.

My favorite workouts is anything that does not have have burpees in it (lol).

The most challenging thing for me was the first two weeks. After that, as you all can see, I am addicted to this thing that you guys call Crossfit. This is not a hobby, this is my new way of life. Once again, thank you all for helping me out